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Leung Kar-Yan - WatchMovies

Leung Kar-Yan



Place of birth:

Hong Kong, China:


He joined Shaw Brothers in 1974 and soon met up with Sammo Hung and the two of them hit it off. Sammo has described Leung as a phenomenon – Sammo could show him any style of kung fu or any intricate choreography and Leung could learn it immediately. In the 70’s and early 80’s Leung was to appear in some terrific kung fu. Like so many other kung fu fighters, once the popularity of those films faded in the mid 80’s he had to switch career gears and become more of a character actor. He had a reasonably successful career though through to the middle of the 1990’s. ... credits to the author at hkcinemagic.

Film Credits

功夫联盟 (2018)
葉問3 (2015)
as Tin Ngo-San
Bloody Destiny (2015)
刺客 (2013)
as King of Wei
忠烈楊家將 (2013)
as Lord Pang Renmei
宝马狂想曲 (2012)
Mang gwai oi ching goo si (2011)
as Jennifer's father
Dao Ke Wai Zhuan (2010)
功夫大師 (2010)
Su Qi-Er (2010)
as Su Wan-Kun
一半海水一半火焰 (2008)
as Third Brother
Gong fu guan lan (2008)
as Master Fei
琴魔 (2005)
死亡網絡 (2000)
as Ted's Superior
中華賭俠 (2000)
as Turkey
Cold War (2000)
as Twins
Hong qiang dao ying (2000)
as Chairman of Joint Intelligent Committee
衝破死亡遊戲 (1997)
as Kao Fu
黃飛鴻之少林故事 (1996)
Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1 (1995)
as Himself [archive footage]
回魂夜 (1995)
as Mr Wu
Top Fighter (1995)
as Himself
Kai Fa Qu Sha Ren Shi Jian (1994)
倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 (1993)
as Notorious Jinx - Deer Man / Luk Sin-Sang
一屋哨牙鬼 (1993)
as Master Man Vamp
廣東五虎之鐵拳無敵孫中山 (1993)
as Invincible Fist
唐伯虎點秋香 (1993)
as Mo Chong Yuen
黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 (1993)
as Leung Fu
逃學威龍3之龍過雞年 (1993)
as Officer Lai
戰龍在野 (1992)
審死官 (1992)
as Shanxi Commissioner Tin
危險情人 (1992)
豪門夜宴 (1991)
as Man at Dinner
Lit foh ching sau (1991)
as Senior in Hwa's Triad
雷霆掃穴 (1991)
as Officer Wong Tien Ting
Wu hu jiang zhi jue lie (Jin pai wu hu jiang) (1991)
as Lam Hai-Tim
驚天12小時 (1991)
as Stone
龙的传人 (1991)
as Uncle Yun / Mo Yan
No foh wai lung (1991)
as Policeman
黑海霸王花 (1990)
一本漫畫闖天涯 (1990)
as Hung Yi
Huo bao xing dong (1989)
殺手天使 (1989)
as Chu Chung-Seng
奪寶龍虎鬥 (1989)
特警屠龙 (1988)
as Hsiu
國父孫 (1986)
Goeng si paa paa (1986)
Jian dong xiao xiong (1985)
as Mad Wei
Huang jia da zei (1985)
as Jin Zhi Jiang
San dung whang yan (1985)
as Officer Leung
Long fa wei (1985)
How to Choose a Royal Bride (1985)
as Jin Diao Tong
錦衣衛 (1984)
as Sgt Zhao Bufa
Wu ming huo (1984)
新飛狐外傳 (1984)
as Woo Yat Do/Wu Yi-Dao
上海灘十三太保 (1984)
as Millionaire
The Big Sting (1984)
as Chang Ren Long
奇門遁甲 (1982)
as Old Man
Xun cheng ma (1982)
as Courier Ma
Huo Yuan-Jia (1982)
as Older Fok Yun Gap
勇者无惧 (1981)
as Leung Foon
Shi ying xiong chong ying xiong (1980)
Shen bu you ji (1980)
as Leung Chung Yau
癲螳螂 (1980)
as Ah Chi
Guangdong tie qiao san (1979)
as 3rd brother
無名小卒 (1979)
as Koo the Iron Heart
搏命單刀奪命搶 (1979)
as Laughing Bandit/Scarface
睡拳怪招 (1979)
雜家小子 (1979)
as Dai Pao
鐵拳 (1979)
as Liang Pao
Mao shan dao ren (1979)
as Master Chiao
贊先生與找錢華 (1978)
as Master Tsang/Leung Jan
賭命走天涯 (1978)
as Chow Sau Tung
肥龍過江 (1978)
as Professor Pai's kung fu thug
雌雄雙煞 (1978)
as Sung Hua
俠骨柔情赤子心 (1978)
as [Cameo]
Hu tu san xia ke (1978)
刀魂 (1977)
俠大戰獨臂俠 (1977)
甘聯珠大破紅蓮寺 (1977)
Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes (1977)
as Captain Too
十大弟子 (1977)
as Commander Tsao
Cai li fa xiao zi (1976)
as Feng's main thug
Fang Shih Yu yu Hu Hui Chien (1976)
as Peng Bu-yun
八道樓子 (1976)
as Mongolian Colonel Hu Qi
Boxer Rebellion (1976)
as Chen Chang
Ma ko Po lo (1975)
as Caldalu
少林五祖 (1974)
as Chien San
洪拳與詠春 (1974)
as Pa Kang

Production Credits

Dao Ke Wai Zhuan (2010)
Cold War (2000)
Cold War (2000)
一本漫畫闖天涯 (1990)
一本漫畫闖天涯 (1990)
Wu ming huo (1984)
刀魂 (1977)