Vincent Zhao



Place of birth:

Ning'an, Heilongjiang, China:


Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (born 10 April 1972 in Ning'an, Heilongjiang, China), sometimes credited as Vincent Chiu or Chiu Man-cheuk, is a Chinese actor and martial artist. Zhao is best known playing the Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung in the Once Upon a Time in China film and television series, True Legend (2010), The Blade (1995) and Green Snake (1993).

Film Credits

功夫联盟 (2018)
as Wong Fei Hung
黄飞鸿之南北英雄 (2018)
as Wong Fei-hung
荡寇风云 (2017)
as General Qi
The Boundary (2014)
白发魔女传之明月天国 (2014)
as Jin Duyi
Wu Dang (2012)
as Tang Yunlong
赵氏孤儿 (2010)
as Shuo Zhao
赵氏孤儿 (2010)
as Zhao Dun
Su Qi-Er (2010)
as Su Can / Su Qi-Er
天煞孤星 (2005)
鄭成功 (2001)
as Zheng Chenggong
Sang sei kuen chuk (2000)
as Brian Cheuk
原始武器 (1999)
as Officer Wu Chi-Kwan
Bi xie lan tian (1998)
as Yim Dong
Ma qiao fei long (1997)
as Quick Hands
黃飛鴻之辛亥革命 (1996)
as Wong Fei Hung
黃飛鴻之理想年代 (1996)
as Wong Fei Hung
黃飛鴻之無頭將軍 (1996)
as Wong Fei Hung
黃飛鴻之少林故事 (1996)
as Wong Fei Hung
Dao (1995)
as On Man / Ting On
黃飛鴻之八大天王 (1995)
as Wong Fei Hung
金玉滿堂 (1995)
as Master Chef Lung Kwun Bo
黃飛鴻之五龍城殲霸 (1994)
as Wong Fei-Hung
Wong Fei Hung ji sei: Wong je ji fung (1993)
as Wong Fei Hung
青蛇 (1993)
as Fa-Hai / Faat Hoi
方世玉 (1993)
as The Governor of Kau Man